20 August 2016

Streaming Changeling Is a Go!

I've just finished recording a test run at twitch.tv. Ok, technically, I've recorded several test runs, but the last one was the only one that worked as I had intended, so the others have been deleted.

But the point is, it looks like we're a go for streaming our first Changeling session this coming Tuesday! That's the 23rd of August, 2016, just in case you're reading this post in the future and the date has already passed. Sorry, future boy, you missed it. But you can watch the archived video for as long as twitch.tv keeps it up!

Anyway. This session will be chargen. The group will discuss how their characters are connected, and then I will guide them through the process of creating those characters. If you're interested in watching this video, you can tune in at 6:00 PM CDT (on the off-chance that you're watching from somewhere else in the world, you can check this handy time converter to see what time that will be for you).

The second session will be the following Tuesday, the 30th of August. After that, sessions will be the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, unless someone's schedule requires that we change a date on occasion. All sessions will run from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Keep in mind that this 2nd and 4th Tuesday schedule will normally mean that we meet every two weeks, but on occasion, there will be a month that has five Tuesdays. In such a case, there will be times in which there will be two weeks between sessions. I had to do this in order to accommodate certain monthly obligations that I have.

In any case, you can watch the broadcasts on my channel and see archived broadcasts on my profile for as long as Twitch keeps them up.

Just FYI, we will be using a couple of house rules. I describe the house rules in a test video that I recorded partly to test the equipment, but partly to introduce the game to new viewers. You can see that video at either of the above links.

Also, we are happy to share our game with the world, but we (the other players and myself) are there to have fun playing this game first and foremost. As such, we will not be watching or participating in the chat function. Viewers are free to chat amongst themselves, but we will not be responding during the course of the game. If you want to send us questions and comments, then I will happily reply once the game is over. But during the game itself, we will not be paying any attention to the chat feed.

One more thing: as you likely know, I attended Gen Con 49 two weeks ago. Since I was there primarily as a representative of http://pinkfae.com/ I am doing all my blogging about the con at that site. I have two entries up so far: an overview of the convention (which also serves as a beginner's guide, introducing new people to what to expect when they've never been to a con before; this is partly because I desperately wish there had been such a guide to help me in preparing for the convention myself) and an interview with game designer Emily Whitehouse. There will be lots, lots more, however. I have plans to do an article on crossplay/gender bending, an article on Gaymers, an article on MetaArcade, an article on the Diversity Panel I attended, an article on Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, and reviews of several newly released games that debuted at the con.

So be sure to check back over there for updates! And in the meantime, I look forward to hearing about how many of my awesome readers tuned in for our Changeling chargen session on Tuesday! Until then, remember to

Game on!

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