The Game Dork's GMing Services

Don't just see or hear the story. Be part of it!

Roleplaying games are an enjoyable hobby. You can escape from the dull and dreary world you live in to be part of another world for a time.

But there are three common obstacles that people often face when looking to try these wonderful games:

They can be overwhelming for newbies

If you've never played an RPG before, you may not know where to start. How can you find someone to teach you what you need to know and make the process easy, painless, and enjoyable?

They don't sound like your sort of hobby

Many people who've never played an RPG before have a stereotype of what's involved in a game. They envision the typical 'nerds' sitting around a table with a bunch of miniatures rolling dice to attack the monster and collect the treasure.

But there's so much more to roleplaying games. You can play in other genres. And it's not all about fighting monsters; some games are epic stories that would make great novels or movies. Many of the most enjoyable games involve no combat at all! How can you find someone to help you explore this broader horizon of gaming?

The ubiquitous Dungeons and Dragons

D&D (and games based on it, like Pathfinder or Starfinder), are so common and so well known that many players aren't aware of any other games, and even those that are aware of them refuse to try them.

There's a vast wealth of games out there that you can try! But if you don't have anyone willing to play with you, how can you give any other system a chance?

That's where I come in.

I am an experienced GM, with expertise in a variety of styles and systems. I can cater to whatever game you want. Looking for a combat-heavy dungeon crawl? I can do that. Do you prefer a narrative heavy on drama and interpersonal conflict? I'm good at that style of game. Perhaps you want a mix of both? No problem.

I've played many games over the years. I started gaming in 1992, and have played a vast array of games, both well-known and obscure. A small sample of some games I've tried:
  • Albedo
  • Changeling: The Dreaming
  • Cyberpunk 2020
  • Little Fears
  • Marvel Superheroes (TSR)
  • Shadowrun
  • Tales from the Floating Vagabond
  • Toon
And many more. I'm confident that I can GM a game that you'll like. If there's a genre that you want to try, I can run a number of universal systems.

Additionally, I am very experienced at introducing new players to the hobby. I've taught many people how to play, and I excel at making the experience pleasant and fun!

I can help you expand your horizons!

Whether you're a new to gaming, or an experienced player looking for something different, I can guide you on the path to your new hobby. I can even help players looking to try running their own game for the first time! See what services I offer, and we'll see what I can do to introduce you to a wonderful gaming experience!