15 August 2010

Eiru: Part 4 - Fir Bolg

We conclude the series of races in Eiru with our last entry: the Fir Bolg.

Again, for safety's sake, we include the disclaimer.

The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

The Fir Bolg are a race of humanoids, smaller than humans (around 4 feet tall), with a thin covering of fur. Although they are slightly more bestial than the other races in Eiru, they are not animals. They have a true culture and possess technology just as the other races do. They are not fully bipedal, having a stooped posture. But they speak the same languages as the other races (in fact, they have more languages than even the humans do).

Like most other cultures in Eiru, the Fir Bolg venerate nature, but they hold the plants and animals of the natural world in higher esteem than do the others. It is for this reason that they live in the forest, subsisting mostly in hunter-gatherer lifestyles. This is mostly due to their love of trees, and the difficulty in advanced agriculture in a forest environment.

Although they have a reputation for being primitive beasts, they have been able to learn the art of metalworking, and there are smiths among them capable of crafting a sword that rivals the work of the Danu. Such smiths are rare, however, as they prefer to use combustible minerals rather than wood as fuel for their smiths, and these minerals can only be acquired through trade with other peoples. Their skill in woodworking, though, is unparalleled, and other races are always willing to give them valuable goods in exchange for their bows and arrows, furniture, cups and bowls, and other wooden items.

On occasion, a Fir Bolg leaves the forests and joins an adventuring party, or sets out on a specific quest. Normally, this is because they have a divine mission, but sometimes it is because an individual feels a wanderlust and desire for adventure.

It costs 85 points to play a Fir Bolg. They have the following modifiers:

Attribute Modifiers: ST -1 [-10]; DX +2 [40]; IQ -1 [-20]
Secondary Characteristics: HP +1 [2]; Per +2 [10]; SM -1
Advantages: Animal Empathy [5]; Brachiator [5]; Discriminatory Smell [15]; Fit [5]; Mimicry [10]; Perfect Balance [15]; Silence +2 [10]; Striking ST +2 [10]
Perk: Fur [1]
Disadvantages: Curious (12) [-5]; Impulsiveness (15) [-5]; Semi-Upright [-5]
Quirk: Careful [-1]
Skills: Survival (Forest) at Per [2]; Tracking at Per +3 [1, 4 levels free from Discriminatory Smell].

Next time, we'll start discussing the world of Eiru itself. Until then, have fun playing games, and remember to

Game on!

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