04 July 2010

New Fantasy Setting

Perhaps I should have mentioned this a while ago, but I'm finally gaming again. I've joined a co-worker's D20 Star Wars campaign. I'm playing a Kel Dor Jedi. Not an ideal situation, but better than not gaming, right?

I tried to get the group to give GURPS a shot, but one of the players was adamantly opposed to learning a new system. So instead, I've begun a short game for the other two players, just as a brief GURPS intro/taster. We settled on a fantasy/supers crossover; one of them is playing a flying elf who shoots bolts of flaming spirit energy from his hands, and the other is playing a super-speed human. Much hilarity has occurred.

But this has given me the motivation to start reading my gaming books again. I recently started reading the 4th Edition version of GURPS Fantasy. Thus, I have developed two new ideas for fantasy settings.I know I've posted about this before (apparently twice), so I'll just say: these settings are different. The first was inspired by Celtic mythology. At first, I wasn't sure how to make new fantasy races based on the creatures in the stories of Irish Tuatha de Danann, but I've since devised a way.

The second was inspired by a section in GURPS Fantasy about mana levels. Normally, the mana level determines who can use magic, and how easily, and governs the entire campaign. But it's possible to have areas of a different mana level to the norm. And I started thinking, Why does it have to be different places? What if the mana level changes depending on the time? This reminded me of how the Aztecs thought that specific days could be lucky or unlucky. So I found myself thinking, what if the days aren't lucky or unlucky, but have higher or lower levels of mana than normal?

So the second setting is based on Aztec mythology, and takes place in a world in which the mana levels rise and fall throughout the year.

I won't bore you with the details of the Aztec-inspired setting (unless I get a good response). But for the next few installments, I think I'm going to share with you what I develop for the Celtic-inspired setting. So look for that. Coming soon to a Gaming Corner near you! Until then,

Game on!

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  1. The idea of different magic levels on certain days is very cool. I like it, because it just seems to make sense on a level. Sort of like it's influenced by the tides or something.


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