07 January 2017

I Want to Play More Games

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It's my own fault, really.

I should never have agreed to play with them. John decided that, for his birthday, he wanted to run a special two-session game. We played The Dresden Files Role Playing Game. I played a young changeling who had just recently learned of his faerie heritage and was trying to learn more about his father to understand why he would agree to enter into a somewhat deleterious relationship with a faerie woman. There was also a necromancer, a witch, and a vampire of the Yellow Court. For the first session, we also had a were-armadillo, but that player's son fell ill and he had to miss the second session.

Ever since then, I've been wanting to play more games. It didn't help that, as I was sitting around with the Dork Spouse and two of my good friends, we somehow managed to talk about the Little Fears RPG that I have. I've only been involved in one session of that game, which did not turn out well, because I was GMing for a group of Butt Kickers and Power Gamers who were unable to appreciate the 'you are a child fighting against the monsters from Closetland that adults cannot perceive' aspect of the game.

Also, my copy of GURPS Prime Directive is still sitting next to my bed, where I will occasionally peruse the contents before going to sleep.

All of these things have been making me want to play more games.

I've got my Friday Night Changeling group, which meets once every two to six weeks, depending on players' availability. It's a great group, and we're all enjoying the game. Those Fridays I'm not playing Changeling, I go to John's house for board games. Also, we had a sort of New Year's party (it was actually the day before New Year's Eve), where we played The Red Dragon Inn and a couple turns of Superfight. At the mother-in-law's house on Boxing Day, we got in a game of Hot Tin Roof.

But there are still so many games I want to play.

Not just roleplaying games, either. I've had my copy of Winter Tales for three years now, and have still never had a chance to play it. We received a copy of One Night Revolution for Christmas, and despite my trying (rather emphatically) to get people to play it with me, no one has yet agreed to do so. There are many games in my game cabinet that I haven't played in years, although I would love to do so again soon.

And I have such ideas for roleplaying games, if ever I were able to start a new game or get a new group together. I would love to play a Star Trek game (using the GURPS system, now that I have the GURPS Prime Directive book) in which all the characters are ensigns with no knowledge of the purpose behind the missions on which they're being sent. I'd love to get an appropriate group together for a game of Little Fears. I haven't yet abandoned the idea of the fantasy worlds I've created.

But I don't think I'll ever have a chance to run any of these games.

I don't really know what's the point in my saying all this. I suppose that part of it is woolgathering; remembering my early adult years when we spent a ridiculous number of nights just playing games. When our group would dabble in so many different systems, like Tales of the Floating Vagabond or second edition Shadowrun or Albedo. I miss those days.

Nowadays, my time is taken up with my job, with my social activism, and with the day-to-day tasks of being an adult. I have little time for gaming any more.

An animated image of Felicia Day, taken from the webseries 'The Guild,' in which she is throwing a small tantrum and saying, 'I hate being an adult!'

Anyway. That's what's been on my mind lately. If I can't play games, though, maybe you can! Go forth, play some games for me, and remember to

Game on!

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