21 January 2017

Board Game Geek's Top 100

I was looking at the top 100 list of Board Game Geek a week or so ago. I realised that, despite all the games I've played in my life, I've only played about 16 of the ones in the top 100.

So I've made a resolution. I don't normally do resolutions, for several reasons. I think New Year's is a stupid holiday.  I believe that every day you wake up is a chance for a new beginning; you shouldn't have to wait for a specific day of the year. Besides, most New Year's Resolutions are silly, and forgotten before January ends anyway.

So this is not a New Year's Resolution. This is just a resolution that happens to coincide with New Year's, and is measured against the calendar year. My resolution is this:

By the end of 2017, I will be able to say, at least once, that I have played 80 or more of the games on the Board Game Geek's Top 100 List.

I know that the list is changing constantly. New games are added to the database, and get rated highly enough to displace some of the games already on there. BGG users change their ratings from time to time. New users add ratings. So the list is constantly in flux. 

That's why I'm setting my resolution for 80 games, instead of all 100. If a game that I've played drops off the top 100, I don't want to have to stress too much about it.

Also, if I've played 80 of the games on the first of December, and one of those games drops off, so my score is only 79, it will still count, because I will be able to say, 'At one point in 2017, there were 80 games on the top 100 list that I have played.' 

By wording it this way, I don't have to stress out about the constantly changing nature of the list.

I will keep track of the games I've played using the table (which is behind a cut) below. I'll check in once a week to see how I'm progressing. So you should come back on occasion to see how I'm doing, and how the list has changed! Until then, remember to

Game on!

You can always check the status of the current Top 100 list, if you need to!

Updated 18 February 2017

Game Formerly in the Top 100 Date of removal from Top 100
1 Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 Go 4 March 2017
2 Terra Mystica Village 8 July 2017
3 Terraforming Mars
4 Scythe
5 7 Wonders Duel
6 Caverna: The Cave Farmers
7 Puerto Rico
8 Blood Rage
9 Power Grid
10 Eclipse
11 Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
12Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
13 T.I.M.E. Stories
14 Codenames
15 7 Wonders
16 Race for the Galaxy
17 Lords of Waterdeep
18 Dominant Species
19 Patchwork
20 Five Tribes
21 Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
22 Dominion: Intrigue
23 Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures
24 Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
25 Dominion
26 Pandemic
27 Castles of Mad King Ludwig
28 The Resistance: Avalon
29 Alchemists
30 Captain Sonar
31 Splendor

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