11 August 2018

Inclusive NPCS Volume 5: Pilar

We've come again to the time for an inclusive NPC. Here, I provide you with another NPC that you may use to ensure that your games are welcoming, by including non-stereotyped minority characters. As always, I describe these characters from the viewpoint of a basic modern setting, but you are free to adapt them to whatever setting you need for your games. Are you playing in a fantasy game where modern countries don't exist? Adapt the character's origin story to fit your world (just remember with ethnicity to maintain the minority status as much as possible; that is, after all, the point of these characters). Is your game set in a distant galaxy? Add some ultra-tech gear to the character. Are you playing pirates on the high seas? Adjust the skills accordingly.

I provide stats for the D20 system, GURPS, the original World of Darkness, and Fate Core. But you are always welcome to adjust these stats for whatever system you are using.

This time around, we will be meeting Pilar Montes Rodriguez. She is courteous and honest, but with a tendency to be outrageously playful. She has big dreams, but is really too timid to try to achieve them. She's generally shy, but loyal to those she calls friends. Although she's not looking for romance, she can be flirty as a way to play and have fun. She's sensitive to the suffering of others, but not really brave enough to get involved in politics or other ways of trying to help.

If you're playing in a modern setting, Pilar is of hispanic heritage; she was born in Mexico as Adán, but came out to her family as trans at age 16. She is now in her late twenties, and has managed to make quite a bit of progress in her transition. Relations with her family are strained; her parents can be somewhat misogynistic. Although Pilar studied to be an aircraft engineer, discrimination has left her working less glamourous jobs, such as forklift driver. Even now, she continues to be modest in her career choices, partly because of her natural timidity, but also because of the time that she discovered that her boss at a former job only hired her to win political points for his upcoming run for senate. This left Pilar feeling betrayed, and even more cautious about her career than before.

Pilar is tall, and although her face does retain some of its masculine appearance, she has mastered the art of using makeup to accentuate her femininity. She has caramel skin, long black hair, and tends to wear loose-fitting dresses.

She can serve as a contact for PCs, providing information or assistance. She can also be a family member to someone, providing plot hooks or background detail. As always, you're free to use her as you like, as long as it's done in a sensitive, inclusive, and non-stereotypical way!

D20 Stats

Level 1 Human
Dexterity7(-2)Height:6' 0"
Constitution15(+2)Weight:130 lb
Intelligence13(+1)Eyes:Light Brown

Total Hit Points: 8
Speed: 30 feet
Armor Class: 9 = 10 + 1 [class] – 2 [dexterity]
Touch AC: 9
Initiative modifier: –2 = –2 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: +3 = 1 [base] +2 [constitution]
Reflex save:2 = 0 [base] –2 [dexterity]
Will save: +3 = 1 [base] +2 [wisdom]
Attack (handheld): –1 = 0 [base] –1 [strength]
Attack (missile): –2 = 0 [base] –2 [dexterity]
Grapple check: –1 = 0 [base] –1 [strength]
Reputation: +1 = 1 [base]

Simple Weapon Proficiency [free]

Skill NameKey AbilitySkill ModifierAbility ModifierRanksMisc. Modifier
BalanceDex*–2 =–2
BluffCha0 =0
ClimbStr*–1 =–1

ConcentrationCon2 =+2
Craft (Mechanical)Int2 =+1+1
Craft (Visual Art)Int4 =+1+2+1 [Creative]
Craft (Writing)Int4 =+1+2+1 [Creative]
DiplomacyCha0 =0

DisguiseCha1 =0+1
Escape ArtistDex*–2 =–2

Gather InformationCha1 =0+1
HideDex*–2 =–2
IntimidateCha0 =0
JumpStr*–1 =–1

ListenWis2 =+2
Move SilentlyDex*–2 =–2
Perform (Sing)Cha1 =0+1
RideDex–2 =–2
SearchInt1 =+1
Sense MotiveWis7 =+2+3+2 [Attentive]
SpotWis2 =+2
SurvivalWis2 =+2
SwimStr**–1 =–1

Treat InjuryWis2 =+2

Pilar also has 3 ranks in Speak Languages; this is for English, counting Spanish as her native langauge.

GURPS Stats (4th Edition)

Point Total: 55; SM: 0; Ht: 6'0", Wt: 130 lb
ST9 [-10]HP9 [0]
DX8 [-40]Will13 [0]
IQ13 [60]Per14 [5]
HT13 [30]FP13 [0]
Basic Lift: 16; Basic Speed: 5.25; Basic Move: 5
Damage: Thrust – 1d –2; Swing – 1d –1
Advantages: Empathy [15]; Versatile [5].
Disadvantages: Cowardice (15) [-5]; Honesty (15) [-5]; Shyness (mild) [-15]; Skinny [-5]; Social Stigma (Trans) [-5]; Wealth: Struggling [-10].
Skills: Artist (Painting) 12 (IQ –1) [2]; Cooking 12 (IQ –1) [1]; Disguise 12 (IQ –1) [1]; Engineer (Aircraft) 13 (IQ) [4]; First Aid 13 (IQ) [1]; Housekeeping 14 (IQ +1) [2]; Law (current nation) 11 (IQ –2) [1]; Mechanic (Construction equipment) 13 (IQ) [2]; Poetry 12 (IQ –1) [1]; Singing 13 (HT) [1]; Writing 14 (IQ +1) [4].

World of Darkness Stats

Nature: Loner.  Demeanor: Rebel.
Physical: Strength 1, Dexterity 1, Stamina 2.
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2.
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3.

Talents: Alertness 1, Empathy 2, Expression 2, Subterfuge 2.
Skills: Crafts 3, Drive 2, Performance 2.
Knowledges: Law 1, Linguistics 1, Medicine 1.

Conscience: 3
Self Control: 3
Courage: 1

Humanity: 6
Willpower: 2

FATE Core Stats

Refresh: 3

High Concept: Trans woman afraid of the world
Trouble: My Past Haunts Me
I know machines (better than people)
Big dreams, big fears
Shy in public, rambunctious in private

Average (+1): Investigate, Rapport, Stealth, Will.
Fair (+2): Drive, Notice, Lore.
Good (+3): Deceive, Empathy.
Great (+4): Crafts.

Ebb and Flow. You are so aware of the social currents in a situation that you are able to see something of what’s coming before it arrives. At the beginning of any exchange, you may spend a fate point to attempt to create an advantage with Empathy. You may then act normally on your turn as usual.
Grease Monkey. If it has an engine and wings, propellers, or wheels, you “get” it, intuitively and completely. +2 to Crafts when dealing with vehicles.
Miss Fix-It. You are talented at getting things repaired under time-critical circumstances. The time it takes for you to get something fixed is reduced by two shifts.


There we go! Another inclusive NPC, helping you to bring some diversity (in Pilar's case, ethnic, linguistic, and LGBTQ+) to your games.

As I said above, feel free to use her in whatever empowering way you like. Remember, the point of the Inclusive NPCs series is to reinforce the Game Dork Motto: Everyone is welcome at the gaming table! So with that in mind, go forth, have fun, and remember to

Game on!

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