01 August 2016

Upcoming events and ...things

This summer kicked my butt. It's nearly over, but there's no end in sight for the butt-kicking. Which is not the same as the Butt-Kicker player type... anyway. My summer job did not go as planned, and I ended up having many other obligations on top of that. Most notably, a trip to Denver to see the Sting/Peter Gabriel concert (which was amazing, by the way). Next week, I'll be in Indianapolis for GenCon (about which I'm both excited and terrified). The week after, I start back at my normal job. This year, my responsibilities at this job will be expanded. Needless to say, I'm very scared of what this will entail.

In addition to all of this, I've started a new Changeling group. It's hard to make our schedules meet; too many people have had too many things going on this summer. Trips and holidays and family get-togethers and other similar obligations... we started back in May, and have had three total gaming sessions so far (not counting the chargen session). But it's still been a challenge to prepare the story for them.

And now, I've apparently decided to show just how crazy I really am, by starting up a second Changeling group. Two of my co-workers at my summer job have gamed with me before, and really enjoyed it, and wanted to start gaming with me again. Plus, a new person at the summer job that wasn't there last year has expressed interest, as has his wife (whom I've met and thought was pretty awesome). So we began discussing getting a new group going.

But wait! There's more!

Most of the work that I ended up doing at my summer job was voice-over video projects. Apparently, according to many people in the world who aren't me, I have a very pleasant voice. I've experienced a truly baffling number of encounters in which people tell me that I should work in radio, or that they enjoyed hearing my 'soothing' voice on their voice mail...

I was talking to my co-worker/gaming friends at work about this bizarre phenomenon at one point. They suggested that we should stream our game sessions. 'People will tune in just to listen to your voice!' they told me. So we're planning on setting up a camera and one or two microphones. We're looking into streaming via twitch.tv or possibly on YouTube Live.

I'm not sure what exactly this will entail. But if people are interested, I can keep you posted about when and how to tune in.

This all seems very strange to me. I don't understand the appeal of watching other people play games that I could be playing myself. And yet, thousands of people watch other people playing games on twitch.tv every day. So what the heck, I guess we'll give it a try.

In the meantime, I won't be able to post next week (being as I'll be at GenCon). So look for another post the week after. Until then, have fun playing games. Remember always to

Game on!

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