09 September 2008

Gaming Environment

I forgot to post on Sunday. Damn. I'm really sorry. I even had a topic ready to go and everything. Stupid hectic life being busy and everything...

Anyway. I recently heard about the Sultan. It's being billed as the Ultimate Gaming Table. The surface is a backlit dry-erase surface, which can be covered with a custom-fit felt top. The sides are loaded with cubby holes for books, drinks, dice, pencils, et c. There are dice rolling pockets along the edges, desks that pull out from the side, and all sorts of goodness. It's currently selling for almost $10,000.

A deluxe gaming table, with recessed top to prevent dice from rolling off the edge, green felt cover, and fold-out writing surfaces that open to reveal drawers, cup holders, shelves and cubbies, and all sorts of other goodies, with two chairs on each side.

This got me to thinking about an idea that I once toyed with along with some friends of mine. We wanted to line the floor of a room with mattresses, install a bowl in the centre of the floor along with a few convenient pockets in which to roll dice, and litter the room with beanbag furniture. The walls would be covered with bookshelves that were loaded with gaming books. There would be hooks from which hung clipboards that held the character sheets, so the players could just come in, grab the clipboard with their character on it, and go.

Granted, this is sort of more akin to the style of gaming that we generally preferred. Others need the table for their miniatures and maps and stuff. We didn't usually mess with that very much. We were into the more narrative descriptive games.

But this got me to wondering. If you could design your ultimate gaming room, what would it look like? What would you put in it? Leave me a comment and let me know. I'm interested to find out.

I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, in whatever sort of environment you play your games, have fun playing, and don't forget to

Game on!

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