02 March 2008

The Game Dork Profile Photo

Welcome back! Time for another fun-filled episode of The Game Dork's Gaming Corner!

A blue one-hundred sided die, with two hands superimposed over it, each hand holding up a single finger pointing upwards.
This week, I thought I'd discuss my profile photo. If you're viewing this page on a mobile browser, like a phone, it may not show up, so I'll post it here as well:
It all started many many years ago. I had a friend, a very imaginative and creative friend, named John Trobare. John has a tendency to launch into some lengthy speeches, which are astoundingly funny and will have everyone in the area laughing uncontrollably for twenty minutes or more. Of particular noteworthiness was the time he described the adventure in which he and his friends Mike and Stephen went to Alaska in an attempt to make $30,000 each in a single summer aboard a fishing boat.

But the instance that started this whole mess was when he described the species laevus ludorum, commonly known as the Game Dork. He described their habitats, behaviour, and mating habits. In particular, he devised the Game Dork Mating Call.The Game Dork Mating Call sounds a bit like someone saying 'mah-hurr!' or possibly 'mah-roo!' You can hear it in the video linked below.

I don't remember if the original description of the Game Dork Mating Call included the horns or not, but even if he didn't mention the horns in the original description, they soon came to be an essential part of the Game Dork Mating Call. So now, whenever anyone makes the Game Dork Mating Call, they accompany the sound by putting their hands to their forehead, fists clenched, with the palm side facing away, and as they make the sound, they raise both index fingers so that they represent "horns." This results in something like this:

I know the video looks a little odd. Because my right wrist was badly injured in an automobile accident, I can't properly make the horn with that hand. So to make the video a little more properly instructive, I mirrored the left hand so you can see what both hands are supposed to be doing. The mirroring is a bit creepy, for which I apologise. But you get the general idea.

So there you have it. Any time you want to make the Game Dork Mating Call, you can do it properly, even using appropriate gestures! This is very useful any time you want to show how big a dork you are. Usually, this is done to indicate that you have done, are doing, or are about to do something particularly dorky. Maybe you've just tripped over something, and said, "I guess I botched my Dexterity check!" Then you can follow this uber-dorky statement with the Game Dork Mating Call, and everyone will know that you are, indeed, a complete dork.

So that's where my profile pic comes from. It's the "horns" for the Game Dork Mating Call superimposed on one of the dorkiest dice that exists: the d100. Wallah! The Game Dork Logo.

Not much in the way of usefulness to this information, but maybe you at least found it interesting. Whether you did or not, I will see you back here next time, and until then,

Game on!

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